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Panna Thai Massage offers many traditional massage techniques.  If you’re unsure of which technique would be best for you, just ask and we’ll be glad to recommend the proper one for your needs.

We offer Traditional Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish-Thai Combination, Deep Tissue Massage, and Swedish Massage.

Our pricing is fair, and our Home Session philosophy is to bring the Spa Experience to your home.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is a massage that involves slow stretching, rhythmic compressions, and strategic use of acupressure points throughout the entire body. The massage recipient wears loose comfortable clothes and lies on a futon mat on the floor. Having a Thai massage session is like doing yoga without the effort. You will feel like a new person after receiving a Thai massage.


Swedish-Thai Combination

This massage is considered a deep tissue massage using slow rhythmic compressions with pressure points that give it a Thai twist. Strokes with targeted deep pressure, perfectly addresses chronic muscle tension.


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage uses light to medium pressure and specific strokes with techniques to help reduce stress and relax muscle tension by invoking total body relaxation.


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy helps the mind and body to relax by activating the limbic system which helps control and influence the nervous system. Blended essential and herbal oils de-stress muscles, soothes or energizes them, depending upon the selected blend, to leave you with a deeper sense of balance and relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

Your Massage Therapist will work the deep tissues, targeting areas that are causing pain and limiting your range of motion. Special attention will focus on areas of concern using a variety of techniques designed to relieve and release chronic tension.



  • $100 - 60 minute session

  • $140 - 90 minute session

  • $180 - 120 minute session

Accepting credit cards.

Home Sessions

Our Home Session philosophy means we provide a Spa experience in your home, including aroma diffusers and relaxing music as well as the proper table or mattress to give you a real at home Spa Massage.

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“When I saw how massage could heal people, I realized that was what I wanted to do with my life.”

— Nuk

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Panna Thai Massage brings the spa experience to you so you can enjoy your massage in the comfort of your own home. All massages are provided by a licensed massage therapist.

We offer many massage techniques. If you’re unsure of which technique would be best for you, just ask and we’ll be glad to recommend the best one for your needs.

Panna Thai Massage offers at home massage service. A professional massage table for Swedish and deep tissue massage or a Thai massage mattress is used to provide a professional spa service in your home. We provide an aroma diffuser and spa music to enhance your experience.

At home massage service is booked for 1.5 or 2 hours. It’s an ideal treatment for people convalescing from illness or healthy people too busy to run to a spa for treatment.

We suggest your book your massage one day in advance.

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Hi, I’m Nuk, and I’m excited to help your body feel and move the way it’s supposed to. I’ve spent almost 20 years helping people with massage. My massage journey has taken me from a studio owner in Thailand to now opening my own practice in the United States.

I can’t wait to meet you -

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